Digital Postural Analysis

Designed to evaluate your body's center of gravity and help us to determine where your skeletal system is out of alignment. The software not only allows us to compare your posture to a correct one, but also (considering over 1.4 million physics algorithms) actually see how your skeleton will progress (and where it will degenerate) over time! This allows the program to develop a set of exercises to help correct the misalignments even before they become symptomatic.

The Examination

In this non-invasive test, a series of digital photographs are taken of your posture for postural analysis.. The software uses a targeting program to locate skeletal landmarks in order to apply a series of physics formulas for analyzing gravitational effects on the spine. Research has shown that for each inch forward your head is from the center of your shoulder, you place an additional 15 to 30 pounds of force on your upper back! In addition, the analysis evaluates head tilt, shoulders, pelvis and even knees and ankles. Based on this information, the program produces a set of stretches and exercises to help you rebuild your foundation.

Don't develop Dowager's hump or a host of other posture related problems...including increased fall risk!

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