Forward Head Posture and Dowagers Hump

As we age our spines gradually collapse causing us to hunch forward and stick our heads out. This is a condition known as FORWARD HEAD POSTURE or F.H.P. This "poor posture" is embarrassing and makes us look old.In addition, it puts tremendous stress on our necks and upper backs.In fact, the root cause of most initial presentations to my office can be linked to poor posture. Back pain, neck pain, upper extremity numbness or weakness and headaches are the frequent result of this spinal collapse.

I've developed a revolutionary new POSTURAL RESTORATION PROGRAM that can (often times dramatically) improve posture and eliminate the social embarrassment and pain associated with spinal collapse. Using a new FDA approved spinal adjusting tool, my associates and I can gently, gradually vibrate the spinal bones into better position. NO NECK SNAPPING OR SUDDEN JERKING IS NECESSARY !! Just gentle relaxing vibrations that even "feel good". Progress is tracked with state of the art computerized pictures that confirm effective results, and specially designed "at home posture exercises" ACCELERATE THE RESTORATION OF A MORE ATTRACTIVE, YOUTHFUL, FIT APPEARANCE, and maintain gains made.

Think Tall!