Think Tall

I've been teaching people about posture for a long time now. I used to have to describe each different body part and it's relative position to other body parts. My explanations were too wordy and often misunderstood.

D.D. Palmer (founder of modern chiropractic) is quoted as having said " Give me a day and I'll write you a book, give me a year and I'll write you a sentence. Eloquent, wasn't it.

So after years of struggling I'm down to two words that pretty darn effectively get the right result. "Think Tall" means just push the top of your head up toward the sky. Most everything else kind of naturally falls into place. With practice and sometimes chiropractic posture adjustments and exercises it will feel as good as it looks. Works great from a seated position too. For my equestrians I'll tell you it works equally well seated on the top of a horse.