Why Posture?

For many years I practiced on Siesta Key. When it came time for me to move off the island, where my practice was appropriately named Siesta Key Chiropractic Clinic. I changed our name to the Posture Clinic Of Sarasota. This is how that came about.

I had a number of elderly ladies on Siesta that I had treated on and off for many years. I concurrently treated these patients with other medical specialists. Eventually, in many of these cases, respiratory problems became one of their challenges. This was especially disconcerting because of a "slippery downhill slope pattern" I began to see, ended in pneumonia.

In the quiet of a treatment room one day I heard one of these patients breathing. It was so shallow that I realized her lungs weren't being given the opportunity to expand properly because of her skeletal alignment. Her hunched over posture was inhibiting her from taking a deep breath! This would set the stage for the bacteria (pneumonia and others) or viruses to settle in the incompletely opening alveoli (pockets in the lungs). I recognized that it was essential to this women's respiratory health that we straighten her up! This would require mobilizing the spinal bones in the mid-back (thoracic spine). Stretching the contracted ligaments and muscles and then strengthening the postural muscles enough to maintain the gains made. No small task, considering I had to do it fast (before she got pneumonia) and I had to do it gently because she was so fragile. Since that time I've spent a major portion of my professional life developing an incredibly effective program to do it. I call it my "Postural Restoration Program".

The more I studied the effects of this posture flaw the more far reaching consequences came to light. I also realized how much earlier in the development I would have to step in. Most adults with bad posture have developed it over many years. I began to notice children's school desks, study postures, backpacks, gaming postures (nintendo etc.) and the like were contributing to the problem. In addition, young girls, especially those that developed early or were taller than average didn't want to stand out socially and so slumped to "fit in". In the working world, good ergonomic postures were rare. Hours on the computer or on the phone worsen our posture. In summary, we are surrounded postures that contribute to a condition known as "Spinal Collapse" and "Forward Head Posture".

As I reviewed my history of incoming cases I found that the majority of the back, neck, joint pains and upper extremity numbnesses and weaknesses that were presenting to my office weren't a result of slips, fall or car accidents but instead of a gradual insidious (unknown cause) onset. In reality they were postural flaws that had progressed to the point that the body could no longer accommodate the change being asked of it without sending health danger signals (pain, etc.) or breaking down.

Now, many people who present to my office for the "Postural Restoration Program" do so in the name of appearance. The truth is that standing up tall with our chests up and our shoulders back makes us look younger, more fit and more attractive. As they get involved with the program they start to notice other cosmetic improvements (due to the improved oxygen intake) such as improved color of their eyes and skin.

Simply adjusting the bones into the improved position (alignment) isn't enough. The Postural Restoration Program I've developed includes very specific specially customized exercises, occasional nutritional supplement recommendations, and even an inexpensive home use tool that helps people of any age respond more rapidly and maintain the gains made. I call it my "Posture Coach"

For more about posture explore my site. It's embedded with tons of helpful posture information because I am convinced that the root cause of most skeletal problems can be found in the ways we sit, stand or sleep.