Our Fight Against Gravity

Every day our bodies are challenged by gravity. That relentless force trying to pull us closer to the ground. Our central nervous system (brain and spinal chord) deals with this force in the most efficient manner possible. It's smart and uses all the tricks. One of it's best tricks is balance. The more balanced we are the less energy we have to expend on keeping ourselves erect. If we keep our spine and other joints flexible and our nervous systems functioning well, we can most efficiently combat the effects of gravity by using balance to maintain a proper center of gravity.

Unfortunately, our bodies adapt in negative ways as well as positive ones. If we train our bodies (like sleeping on our stomachs with our heads turned to the side) or inappropriately load them (like putting excessive weight out front with a pendulous abdomen) or ignore their cries for us to change position or move (like spending hours at a time on a computer) we will create shortened muscles, stretched ligaments and misaligned bones. As a result we will require more chiropractic care - a treatment designed to realign our self imposed imbalance.

Posture isn't just about how we stand. It's also about how we work, and sit and sleep. Follow me through the posture concepts covered on my website refer back to it from time to time. It is a fluid compilation that will change (for the better I hope). If you want to ache less and look better (and require LESS chiropractic care) put the site's recommendations into practice.

Mantra #1

Think Tall !